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Simply natural.

Simply natural.

Natural Water Treatment.

By principle, naturally flowing water has a vital movement. It can spread, form eddies and whirls, thereby loading itself with energy. Conventional tap water has lost some of its natural qualities through filtration, treatment and processing.

DISAMO products combine the advantages of a swirl chamber technology with permanent magnets to recuperate the natural, "revived" state of the water.

Existing cluster structures are broken up and the information of pollutants in the drinking water are deleted. The changed order of the water molecules and the new formation of smaller clusters has stimulating effect on the health and vitality of humans, animals and plants. As DISAMO is only breaking up formed clusters, no minerals are extracted from the water.

When passing, the water hardness (dissolved lime) is demonstrably altered or transformed into microscopically smallest lime crystals (aragonite). Due to their small size, they no longer deposit and are simply flushed out with the flow of water.

DISAMO products do not require power, but only use the existing line pressure of the water. They also do not require any chemical substances or other additives.

Illustration DISAMO Wirbler


  • up to 80% of limescale is prevented and all minerals remain in the water,
  • the service life of pipes, household appliances and machines is significantly extended,
  • energy losses in the hot water cycle and high heating costs caused by limescale are avoided,
  • bacterial growth in pipes is prevented,
  • the drinking water tastes fresher and tea and coffee softer,
  • the time and financial expenditure for the removal of limescale is considerably reduced.


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