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Simply effective.

Limescale Problems.

In the modern tap water system, the water is industrially processed and pumped through pipes at high pressure.

As a result, the quality of the water is impaired and single water molecules combine to large clusters (molecular aggregation) that do lower the water quality. Limescale is the result of large calcium-magnesium clusters.

Lime mainly consists of calcium and magnesium - two minerals that generally have a healthy effect on the human body. But what is good for us causes enormous problems and costs elsewhere.

Lime deposits, e.g. in piping, household appliances or on surfaces causing stains, blockages or even destroys essential parts of equipment. In addition to the typical white appearance, limescale often have a red color. Once lime accumulates, iron and oxidized iron particles settle in the lime layer; the rust has firmly adhered the pipe and corrosion is now a serious threat.

By Leaky fittings, lime scale deposits on heating elements and on heat exchangers in gas heating (higher energy cost) and the use of cleaning agents, limescale can cause yearly extra cost of several hundred euros per household.

Whether in cold or hot water, the uneven surfaces limescale also provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, algae and other unwanted microorganisms.

So-called hard water holds high concentrations of calcium: the more calcium in the water, the harder the water and the bigger the problems.

Problems caused by scale

  • Blocked piping system
  • Loss of water pressure due to a reduced pipe diameter
  • Bacterial growth in drinking water carrying pipes
  • Higher energy costs due to limescale deposits on heating rods
  • Repeated repairs or replacement of household appliances
  • Replacement of the whole piping system
  • Loss of energy in the hot water circuit and high costs for heating
  • Dull surfaces in bathroom and kitchen
  • Malfunctioning machinery


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